What makes Igeme

  1.  Export consulting to the Turkish companies

    Analyses the company, determines target markets, researches market, finds clients abroad and provides export

  2. Incentive consulting to the Turkish Companies

    Prepare the documents and the reports of the company. Informs the company about the missing and provides to get various incentives from the Ministry of Economy of Turkey

  3. Makes education of exportation

    Makes education for exporters which wants to export and existing exporters. Educates the companies about tecnics finding clients abroad, how to make an export and marketing research, incentives, etc…..

  4. Export marketing services to the Turkish companies

    Finds clients abroad behalf of the exporter, get in touch with them and provides to sell their products and services for the company

  5. Create supply and demand platforms for the companies

    It is a communication center for exporter and importer companies which wants to announce their products and services

  6. Directs the turkish exporters to the b2b web sites and international fairs abroad

    Searches b2b web sites and international fairs abroad. Provides the turkish exporters to be member of the b2b web sites and exhibit the sectorel fairs