Representative of International Fairs

Thousands of Turkish company are trying to  sells their products to countries abroad. The one of the way of exporting their products is exhibiting at fair which are placed in foreign countries. IGEME has power to reach all the potential exhibitors. We also give fair representation service to the foreign exhibition companies for directing the turkish exporters to this fairs.

·         In Turkey, there are  potential international exhibitors and fair visitors.  We could provide fair companies  to benefit from this potential.

·         In Turkey, there are government supports for the exhibitors which are given by Turkish Ministry of Economy.  We could provide fair companies  to benefit from this incentives.

·         In Turkey, there are 65.000 registered exporters. We could  get in touch with them on behalf of the foreign fair companies.

·         In Turkey, there are 341.000 professional buyers and corporate enterprises and we could provide them to be informed about the fair by promoting which we make the sales representive agreement

·         At international fairs categories, in a fair approximately between 10-250 Turkish companies exhibit from Turkey. We also could provide to attend them to international fairs   

·         Turkish Ministry of Economy gives financial supports to Turkish exporters and buyers delegations. We could make organizations to the exhibition companies within this scope.

·         We could organize the relation of “Company-Fair”, “Ministry of Economy- Fair”, “Fair- Exporters Union”, “buyers delegation- fair” and follow process of requests, proposals, agreements, invoicing and collections.

Our Services For Exhibition Companies

Booth Sales

–          Consulting to the potential and existing Turkish participants

–          Calling and informing to the sectoral exporters by our call center about the fairs

–          Promoting the fairs in our seminars

–          Participating to Turkish sectoral fairs for promoting

–          Making reports of  fair promotion and activity results

–          Announcing the fairs to the Turkish institutions

–          Answering the questions of the existing and potential participants

–          Making the sales reports

–          Organizing Road shows in Turkey


Public Relations

1- Offline advertisement campaign

–          Getting in touch with the sectoral magazines

–          Making budget for advertisements

–          Translating of the fair flyers and promotional materials

–          Providing to deliver the flyers in the sectoral fairs

–          Making report of the results of the campaign

2-Online advertisement campaign

–          Preparing  and sending the fair promotional mails to the potential exhibitors

–          Preparing and sending the newsletters

–          Publishing the fair logo in our web sites (www.igeme.com.tr ; www.turkishexpodirectory.com )

–          Shooting videos and publishing them on TV channel (IP TV)

–          Making result report of online campaign

Buyers Delegation

–          Preparing the promotional materials for the fair

–          Announcing the organization to the Turkish institutions, associations and related organizations.

–          Calling the potential buyers by our call center

–          Collecting the company profiles from the Turkish companies

–          Translating the company profiles into any other language

–          Sending the company profiles  to the fair company for selection

–          Organizing the hotel and flight reservations

–          Assisting the buyer delegation during the fair

–          Making report after organization

National Participation

–          Getting contact with the proper institutions

–          Discussing the possible collaborations

–          Providing the National Participation