International Media Purchasing

The aim of Media Purchasing and Planning is in the frame of a systematical media planning, to provide the intended advertisement message reach the target audience as effectively as possible. However, no matter how creative the advertisement message is, if the media tool that will allow you to reach the target audience is chosen wrongly, your message may be heard or even mentioned but it will not ensure the required effect.

In accordance with the existing budget; when, which frequency and which media tools should be preferred and the problem of how to divide the advertisement budget among the various media tools is determined in a very systematical and organized processing.

In this direction after purchasing the specified media and tracking the broadcasting and providing the broadcast, the process is completed.

International Purchase Approaches

The purchase done completely by IGEME

The purchase done by IGEME and media and advertisement provider

The planning of the customer’s purchase, by IGEME

We purchase the space from the medias that comply with the media planning confirmed by our companies

We meet with the medias without using any tools and we directly do the purchase