Messe Stuttgart visit to Ares Exhibition

Messe Stuttgart has foreign representative offices in 54 countries worldwide, and Messe Stuttgart Ares Fair continues to operate under the name in our country. Abroad Messe, which organizes several international exhibitions became a brand in Stuttgart, the Messe Stuttgart Ares Fair in Turkey; Ibatech Istanbul, Ankara Ibatech, Hotel Restaurant Ankara, Photo Digital Solar Ankara, Turkey organizes the fair R + T.

Recently Messe Stuttgart Ares Fair management sector, a name familiar to Assistant General Manager Ufuk Altintop, Serkan Koktay then brought to the Marketing Director. Trade shows us that we closely follow the current as previous work by visiting Ufuk Altintop and Serkan Koktay We wish them success in their new duties. Altintop last visit was quite friendly and Koktay, Editor in Chief of our site made statements about their work Saim Bozdemir.

Talks also took place in the socio-economic development in recent years will be held in 2016, discussed the possible effects fairs. Trade Current Editor-Saim Bozdemir; still it could not ensure equal conditions of competition, noting he thinks will create new fairgrounds investment of a relaxing effect in terms of exhibition organizers.

Trade stating that closely followed current Vice Messe Stuttgart Ares Fair General Manager Ufuk the Altontop; “Messe Stuttgart encourage business opportunities in Turkey. I want to announce this parallel through the first one of the important activities we do in 2016. In the framework of Messe Stuttgart LASYS trade fair” LASYS meet “slogan and aims to strengthen the global laser technology. Launched in October 2015 “LASYS meets” AMB China on March 31, 2016 after the event “LASYS meets Turkey” event will be the start of. Messe Stuttgart LASYS trade fair within the framework of Automotive day event will be held in Istanbul. We invite all the professionals of the sector, we This is an important event” he said.