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Ministry of Economy of Turkey gives incentives to Turkish exporters to be member to the B2B websites. So Turkish exporters could improve their exports in foreign countries. We also give representation consultancy to foreign B2B web sites in Turkey.

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Benefit from the incentives in Turkey (We could put the B2B web sites between the economy ministry accredited sites in Turkey)

You could find the text about B2B web sites incentives  below which is published by Ministry of Economy of Turkey.

In compliance with the article 13 of the Annunciation with the number 2011/1, the e-trade sites membership expenses (that are not for the final consumers) of the companies are supported by 70% rate and annually maximum 10.000 USD.

–  The companies can benefit from this support for maximum 5 (five) e-trade sites and for maximum 3 (three) years for each e-trade site.

–  The companies that wish to benefit from the support, should first have a website about trade facilities that is published in at least one foreign language.

– The advertisements and banners in the e-trade site are not covered by the support.

– If the companies join the e-trade site they have chosen in receive support, before they receive preliminary approval, their support application will not be taken under review. Preliminary Approval Application and Assessment ARTICLE 18- e-trade site under the subject of support; If the company has not received a preliminary approval; they need to make an application to the Ministry of Economy with the APPENDIX D-3 AND APPENDIX D-4, the e-trade site should also apply with the APPENDIX D-4.

The regarding e-trade site will be assessed be the Ministry based on the criteria specified in the APPENDIX D-5. The e-trade site that get the preliminary approval are announced in the official web site of the Ministry (www.economy.gov.tr).