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About Us

Our country’s main purpose is to work to increase the export to 500 billion dollars by 2023 and promote the development of our country.

In this regard, our company offers educational, consultancy, advertisement, organization and publishing services. Our primary duty is to contribute to the export development of the Turkish companies. We believe that export is the largest industry of Turkey. Therefore, we are trying to increase the growth of  this industry.

Within this scope, our activities have the purpose of contributing to Turkey’s brand name. IGEME Export Development Center is an innovative, modern organization which based on knowledge and a private enterprise with the philosophy of working for export.

The Export Development Center has contributed to our export’s quantitative and qualitative development and the variation of products and markets by making research development studies for creating new markets and employment opportunities to help our exporters increase their shares in foreign markets and organizes education, publication and promotion activities, also provides trade informatics in domestic and foreign business cycles.


IGEME’s domestic business field consists of providing the necessary information to the exporters and establishments with export capacity to help them make export and increase their export capacities, helping them improve their abilities and hardware and ensuring the coordination among the foreign trade related public organizations.

In this manner, we support these activities with various educational studies, by organizing fairs, by attending fairs and publishing various publications. Thanks to IGEME’s company data bank which includes product-market researches and the preparation of various statistics, the address records of Turkish export companies, SME web sites, foreign companies and sectorial companies are ready for the interested entrepreneurs. Additionally IGEME is reinforcing the corporate identity by providing consultation about business opportunities to the exporters.


IGEME with its Turkish Expo Directory advertises Turkish exporters in the global market, by globally distributing this directory publication to the various countries and contributes to finding new customers for the Turkish exporters, creating new markets and improving the Turkish brand.

Our motto: Export is our job, Turkey is our power…